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Here is a short list of (still) known contributors to the Elexis project. If anyone can point me to forgotten contributions, please send a short note to niklaus.giger@member.fsf.org. Order is approximatively in chronological order

Gerry Weirich (gerry at weirich.ch). S.a. auch seine Blogs.

Opening his own medical practice was not enough challenge for him. Therefore he decided to write his own program in 2005. Since 2012 Elexis is good enough for his daily work and therefore invests less time in Elexis.

Peter Schönbucher (aka schoebu) He abandoned ideas to develop his own medical practice application to become the second Elexis user after Gerry. He built up the Iatrix site, a wiki which documents usage, problems and wishes for each vies. This site is still used by the Iatrix-Help plugin. He sponsored Daniel Lutz work to improve Elexis.

Daniel Lutz (aka danlutz) debugging, various plug-ins

Stefan Henzi Also a very early Elexis adopter. He put up the Elexis Forum where Elexis user found a nice place to ask questions and help each other. He is also chairman of the Verwaltungsrat of Medelexis, a company offering commercial support for Elexis.

Urs Berner (aka bernerur) early adopter, parts of the german handbook

Harald Marlovits marlovits, coder of simple and cool UI feature real users really cannot miss

Tony Schaller tschaller, analyst, documentation, proponent of Elexis in various eHealth organizations

Peter Siska and Dennis Schenk contributed Archie and improved greatly the look&feel of the 1.4 release.

Michael Imhof immi, coder, various plugins

Bruno Büchel bbuechel6 french translation of the handbook

Antoine Kaufmann freakypenguin, coder, alternative KG view, opendocument

Niklaus Giger niklausgiger, release management, build environment, GUI-tests

Marco Descher marcode79 bug fixing, new plugins, redesigner of the elexis core

Thomas Huster thomashu, bug fixing, new plugins, redesigner of the elexis core

Julian Kappis who is able to fix a lot of problems users have with Elexis, telling them how to fix their setup to make it work. He was also seen at all of the developers meeting sponsoring beers and meals offered by Medelexis.

Jörg Sigle jsigle, coder, bug fixer, noatext_jsl

Oliver Egger eggeroliver, coder (docbox)

Franz Marty sponsored various plugins and projects (e.g. HL7 integration)

Lucia Amman coder, many small fixes and some new plugins

Philip Wiget Pharmed Solutions, contributed a plugin for sending prescriptions to pharmacies

Daniel Ludin contributed the Cellsymbiosistherapie® CST-plugin

Plugins for which I dont know personally the authors

User unkown to me, but part of the developer list at sf.net

Gemäss Iatrix:Sponsoren

Bisher haben Elexis mit namhaften Beträgen unterstützt, indem Sie Entwicklungs-Arbeit von Dani Lutz neben dem Bezahlen von Installationsaufwand finanzierten:

  • Heini Frick, Luzern
  • Maria und Benedikt Barandun, Roveredo, 1000.-
  • Felix Bossart, Steinhausen, 3000.-
  • Labor BioAnalytika, Luzern, 3000.-
  • Mythenpraxis Schwyz, 10000.-
  • Thomas Ackermann, Zug 3000.-

Ohne Kommentar sind es Elexis-Benutzer, die das OpenSource Produkt nutzen und auch fördern wollen. Wir möchten uns hier dafür sehr bedanken. Die direkten Unterstützer von Gerry Weirich sind hier nicht aufgeführt.

Wir selbst haben bisher weit mehr als 100’000.- in Form von Lohnkosten für Elexis ausgegeben. Gerry Weirich indes noch viel mehr an Wert in Form von Programmierarbeit beigetragen.

Beside invididual Elexis would not have survived without businesses like Argomed, Medelexis, Medshare, Medevit, Mepha, Roche and other investing time and money!

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